Refugee Life Skills

Consider the culture shock that you experience when you visit a new country - especially one without all of the different technological advancements that you are so accustomed to having in the United States. Now try to recreate the same experience for someone on the opposite side, someone without any knowledge of the current technology, even without any knowledge of a flushing toilet.

The Refugee Life Skills Training that we provide to newly arriving refugees is extremely important to their survival. It is our goal to train and equip families and individuals with the skills needed to survive in their new homeland, including skills like knowing how to use a vacuum, how to open a bank account, how to drive a car and everything in between. All of this training is done through the help of volunteers. Our goal is to welcome and help new refugees adjust smoothly. We invite their U.S. neighbors to befriend them and help them assimilate the new culture and be productive members of their communities.

New arriving refugees have 90 days of assistance provided by the government, but after that period has expired, they are on their own. Our Refugee Assistance Program helps to fill in the gaps after this 90-day grace period is over, understanding that every individual has different circumstances and will adjust to their new home differently. This program helps families pay for unexpected expenses such as medical emergencies or the death of a family member. The program also helps the refugee families keep up with their paperwork to achieve permanent residency or citizenship in the United States. We additionally offer Immigration Support, helping refugees with the difficult process of immigration and citizenship.

Family relationships are undergoing strain and transformation while refugees resettle in the United States. Refugee parents have concerns or object to the range of freedom the youth enjoy and the cultural and physical practices of the family undergo a huge change moving to the new culture and environment.  African Leadership believes that the spiritual support from churches and their congregations is a great need for refugees to be able to handle difficulties. We are committed to serve churches and promote all programs in the refugee community that will help strengthen refugee marriage as God's institution. We are also committed to help refugees parents raise their children in a healthy Christian environment, and help the youth to strengthen their faith.

We are always seeking volunteers to help us with each of these programs - individuals who can help teach basic conversational English, offer homework help to students, help teach basic life skills and more. Please consider volunteering!

"We love because He first loved us." - I John 4:19